PexB Pipeing System

Pex System

PEX is a Crosslinked Polyethylene pipe. Crosslinking is chemical process which helps increase the resistance of the pipe to high temprature and pressure while also making the pipe flexible. The PEX system is an integration of PEX pipe , corrugated shearhs , main folds and fittings.The mainfolds and fittings are made of virgin brass. The lacks of joints make this a totally maintenance free and leak proof solution for plumbing .

PEX pipe and corrugation

Pex Pipes

Pex pipe a flexible polythene pipe with a complex molecular structure that increases the performance of the pipe while still maintaining the excellent qualities of thermoplastics.

Corrugated Pipes

Pex pipe running through sink , wall and false cealing should be protected with corrugated pipe.Corrugated pipe also protect the pex pipe from damages during water proofing and other civil work .The corrugated pipe is made of medium density polythene and is availablein blue and red color.

Manifolds and Accessories

  • PEX manifold with ball values
  • Connector cores for Pex pipes (Brass / Nickled )
  • Female end cap for manifold ( Brass / Nickled )
  • Male end cap for manifold ( Brass / Nickled )
  • Bracket for Mainfold


  • Flexibility (less labour intensive )
  • Easier and quicker installation (Fewer fittings)
  • No solvent-cement welding or socket fusion reqiuired
  • No concealed joints ( Safer System )
  • Higher temperature resistance

Why SS is Better?

Corrosion Resistance
Stainless Steel grades 304/316L have better corrosion resistance. Even copper has Green corrosion of Copper.

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