Main Benefits of “J-Press” & “Platinox” Piping System

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and also prevents the growth of bacteria and algae in the pipe. A smooth inner surface ensures that there is no salt or particle deposit. Hence, there is no contamination of water as it passes through the pipe. These properties make it the most hygienic material for carrying drinking water.

A high tensile strength combined with corrosion resistance make stainless steel a very durable water supply material. Further, our innovative press-fit technology ensures that each joint is strong and can withstand the test of time even at high fluid pressure. Stainless steel press-fit piping systems have a long maintenance free life of 50 years (304 grade in drinking water and 316L grade for all water types). The stainless steel press fit piping system is earthquake resistant as it can withstand shocks and vibrations.

High Pressure Rating:
The press-fit technology ensures that the joints are so strong that they can withstand fluid pressures as high as 25kgf/cm2 (363PSI), which is more than any other piping system.

High Flow Rate:
Stainless steel pipes have very low friction which means that a lower diameter of pipe will give a better flow rate of water as compared to GI or plastic pipes. This also results in reducing pumping costs as there is little loss of head because of friction.

Extreme Temperature Resistance :
It has very low coefficient of thermal expansion which makes it suitable for carrying hot water. Also, it is the most reliable option for high rise buildings as compared to plastics which have very high rate of thermal expansion. Stainless Steel pipes can also be used at cryogenic temperatures at which materials like plastics become brittle.

High Rise Buildings:
Suitable (Rather most reliable option for High Rise Buildings which are more than 6 storey as it is not affected by Vibrations and High wind Speeds

Impact Resistance:
Makes this piping system Earthquake Proof as well as prevent drilling of pipelines by mistake

Ease of Installation:
The press-fit technology has simplified the process of making joints as welding or threading are no longer required, which makes special skills unnecessary. Also, this results in fast installation of the piping system.

Why SS is Better?

Corrosion Resistance
Stainless Steel grades 304/316L have better corrosion resistance. Even copper has Green corrosion of Copper.

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